Monday, June 25, 2007


Except for putting this on it's backing with blanket stitching all around (which I won't be doing until all my circles are done, I don't think), this page is done. I am happy with it. I had to rip out my train tracks since my husband(you know, the Old Goat) pointed out I had the rails underneath the ties and no train can run that way. I am sure my dad did a better job than that when he worked on the Alaskan railroad! I am still not totally thrilled with the tracks but those are the beads I've got so those are the beads I used! I would have liked a lighter brown but I am not ready to order more at this time.

Now it's time for July's page. I have an idea of what I want to do but who knows if it will turn out how I think. It's just a thought at this stage and we all know how those thoughts can change!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BJP Update

It's coming along. Right now I am waiting for
beads to arrive to make the Alaskan railroad which my dad worked on back around 1937. He never quit talking about Alaska, WWII or Hawaii all the while drinking his coffee and living on Clarke Dr. in El Cajon, CA. How's that for a brief summary of my piece? ; )

ATC series Done

Hey, I was able to make a series of these
doodle ATC's. I am happy with the way
they turned out. But, enough is enough.
Now I am going to try decorating a large
page and then "find and finish" some cards
from it. Maybe someday I'll find time to
check out some ATC sites and see what
others are doing. Right now I am having
fun just playing around.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

ATC's in a Series?

I started with one doodle ATC and now have four. I am trying to see if I can do a series of them. I guess this is a series but I want to do 6 or more if I can. Someone mentioned with the posting of my first of this series that it didn't look like a doodle but like art; I don't know, I just start and keep going till it is finished. Maybe I don't know what doodling is really as my family says I don't know how to play either! I will admit my first inclination faced with the first blank card was to put a vase on it (who knows why) so I did and worked out from there. Then the second card, well it worked the first time so I did it again. Then I expanded on same theme for 3rd and 4th cards. Maybe that's where I am diverging from plain doodling. What do YOU think?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BJP update

I finished the palm so now I just need to
embellish the hand and surrounding area
with flowers or whatever. I had to take out
the outlining row of beads. When I filled in
the hand I ended up pushing the original
outline outward and changed the shape of
the hand. After I removed them the hand
was actually back to the original shape. So
I have learned to be careful how close I
place each row of beads.

By the time I get 12 of these "pages" done
I will probably have learned a lot about
beading on a fabric.

Anyhow, it's been fun and I am happy with
the way this page is turning out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ode to Pandora

You're a brat, kitty cat!
Up on my table where you should not be,
You purr and you preen "look at me!"
You're a brat, kitty cat!
You nibble my toes and wake me from sleep
so I'll play with you at a quarter to three.
You try to sit on my keyboard,
then play with my screen.
You're a brat, kitty cat!
You tip over my beads, tangle my threads,
and then sit right on top of my project.
You're a brat, kitty cat!
Oh, and I love you sweetie.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Doodle ATC

I read on soulatplay's blog Magic Indigo about making doodle ATC's. I
thought I would give it a try. This is my effort done in red colored
pencil. Being a doodle, it went fairly quickly and was fun to do.
I think I will turn this into a series. Hmm- should I stick with
red and change vases and flowers, or change colors and stick
with tulips, or.... Thankyou, soulatplay for getting my soul to
play! This is just what I was looking for when I joined the

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Recipe Card

No decent artist or crafter has only one project going at any one time; I am no different.

I got my first magazine from a new subscription to "cloth-paper-scissors" and found a recipe card swap with entries due no later than June 15th. I thought it would be fun so quickly made up a card (quickly being 3 days) hoping to get it in on time. It was a fun project but sewing vinyl is not easy which they mentioned in the article about recipe cards.

I wanted to get a postcard back to see that the magazine got my entry so I took a picture and printed one out as a 4x6" picture--voila! instant postcard! Today I get it all to the post office and hope I didn't make my recipe card too heavy (there is a weight limit and I don't have a scale at home I can trust for 1 ounce or so). If it's over weight I guess I get to keep my own card instead of getting someone else's. The point was to have fun and I did.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Pets

I want to share my pets with viewers of my blog. Sambo, my poochihua is on the left with his chewbone in his mouth. Skoshi, my shitzu, is on the right keeping an eye on Sarah's bone. Sarah, my german shorthair pointer is in the back wishing for Sambo's bone. They are always wanting what the other has - hmmm, sounds a lot like the trouble we humans have, yes?

These are close-ups of each one. Once in a while I get a good one of Sambo. Being all black with dark eyes makes it difficult to get a good picture.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

BJP started

Well, it's June 2nd and I am underway on this month's page. I have decided to use my dad as the theme for this month since his birthday was June 4, 1918. While he was very ill I traced his hand and am finally using the tracing. I have reduced it to fit on a 6" circle of blue felt. I am putting a purple heart and flag on the palm as he fought for his country during WWII and received a purple heart for an injury he received during the war.

After retiring from the military, he became a gardener for San Diego City School District besides constantly working in his own yard so his handprint will be in green.

So far that is as much as I have planned. I have already changed some of what I thought I would do as of yesterday so nothing is written in stone. If it isn't set in beads there is change possible!

The first picture shows the page underway. Yes, I have paper on the top side besides the bottom but I do have a reason. The top paper has the main pattern which I am transferring by outlining with beads rather than try to draw on felt. I will tear it away after the outlining is done.The flag only has a single line but that can be winged from there.

The second picture shows the beads I have gathered for this page. I certainly won't be able to use all of the types chosen and I may pull others but this is a start. I drilled holes in some seeds I had gathered from a tree in my dad's yard (I believe it was a breadfruit tree); they are on the tray but probably not visible and I will paint them if I use them. There are also some tiny shells on the tray as my dad was born in and loved Hawaii.

The third picture is a closer view of what I have done so far and the fourth picture shows how much I did while I was waiting for the first three

pictures to upload onto my blog - I am a VERY

slow beader! I am also on dial-up.

So far the felt is beading up very pleasantly and easily. I decided to put the backing paper on just to be on the safe side.

Now, the paper pattern has been removed so I can fill in the shapes.

Well, my flag ended up a little askew but I am not going to redo it. One thing to know about me is I am not a perfectionist! I like quality and try to do a good job but perfection is never my goal. In fact, I tend to do something a little off on a project that looks a little too mechanically perfect. You will see I prefer czech seed beads over the japanese beads although there are times I will use them, even the delicas.