Thursday, May 15, 2008

Island Bedroom

My daughter painted this island room for her oldest daughter. It was a birthday gift last year and though it took quite a while to plan and execute I think it was well worth the wait.

The bed area is painted beige and has bamboo roll-up shades so that it can be closed off. This is the bamboo shack.

Outside of the shack the walls were painted to look like an island with the ocean as background. The cat tree was even decorated to look like a palm and a beach chair was added to complete the idea. Even the ceiling was painted.

I think my daughter did a fantastic job. Her husband has come a long way from fretting over her painting walls (not ceiling or closet doors even) a pale pink in anticipation of a baby girl, to pretty much an anything goes attitude - as long as he doesn't have to see it in the process. That would be too stressful! And that is okay with my daughter who
is ready to take on the living room stairwell.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Janet said...

Wow! Your daughter is very talented. That must have taken quite some time to complete but the results are going on vacation every time you enter the room.

abeadlady said...

What a beautiful room! What a lucky girl to have it. Your daughter did a wonderful job.


Magpie Sue said...

I want one, I want one! Can she do my room next???

Grace said...

How absolutely cool, looks great! I wish she were nearer to me, I'd ask her to do my son's room. I promised to get it done and haven't just yet.
BTW, thanks for the comments on my blog (also got you linked).

freebird said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I told my daughter about my posting and she came to look. I'm sure you all made her day!

a2susan said...

I second magpie sue...I want one too!What lucky children to have such a creative mother and to make their bedrooms such a great place.

1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

I looooooooooove this room! How imaginative and fun. What a coooool mom she is to have even given her daughter a bamboo hut and everything. What a space. Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Freebird!
miracles to you and all the talented artists in your family!

Amber said...

what a gorgeous room...what a good mom you are....for choosing to allow your daughters creativity to grow, and not allowing a teacher to step on it. good job mom! good job daugher, also.

Rob said...

This is awesome and inspiring! My wife & I just scratched the surface with the murals we did in our son's room, but I'm confident that there'll be more to come.