Monday, March 3, 2014

Art All Around Us

Hello! We've had rain. Drats, I should have taken pictures of the water rushing over the edges of the gutters and my backyard puddling so my feet got wet when I walked the dogs out there (had to go out with them because they DID NOT want to walk in the big puddle). Ah well, no pics but just think of a good, hard rain coming and going for a few days and you'll have the picture. It was badly needed and doesn't put but a dent in the drought we are in but it was a good start!

I do have some pics for you though. This first one was for fun. I'd bought the pears with the intention of drawing them prior to eating them but they were getting eaten first so I finally drew the last one before it was gone.

These next two pictures are from my granddaughter's birthday. She loves animals so horseback riding was a great choice for her. Would you believe it costs $50 an hour per person? That sounds like so much to me but I am getting a bit older and out of touch with things like that. I remember when Disneyland cost $8 for a whole day! At any rate, she enjoyed the ride which I didn't go on.

  Instead, I drew one of the horses waiting at the fence. I drew it with a Tombow pen and then added watercolor. Tombows bleed when they get wet so it can hurt or help a picture. (They are really good when you want to work with just one color but want a bit of shading). The other pic is small photos of her day with the background made of the gift wrap taken from her gifts after they'd been opened.

These next two pics are from an article someone shared with me on Facebook by David Rankin ( ). I tried his generic eye and then went on to a face in my Vegetarian Times magazine which my son gave me a subscription to (thanks James) and from that to my great nephew's face on Facebook because he looked so happy to be spending a day with his dad at the Army base starting with breakfast in the chow hall. I need a lot more practice both with getting his method down and with skill but I was actually pretty happy with these quick drawings. Since I made the lady's face too wide I overcompensated and made my nephew's face too thin and I need to keep to the pencil rather than a ballpoint pen for starters.

My granddaughters don't think they have the art gene but as you can see in this next picture, they do! I wanted my nails done and told them they could do anything they wanted. They know I like color so this is what they came up with. I was happy with it and it lasted for just over a week (it's time to get the remover out for sure now - gardening and doing dishes is not conducive to keeping manicures nice)


And lastly, I made some potato bread a couple of days ago. I save leftover potatoes in the freezer just for this as it makes a more moist and longer lasting bread and this is also why I never put pepper in my potatoes! I've eaten 2/3 of one loaf already and the other is sitting in the freezer to keep it fresh till my husband feels like eating some. Can you believe he doesn't feel the urge to gobble it up when I bake it? I mean, how can anyone resist fresh bread?


Well, that wasn't the last thing afterall. Here is the ballerina picture I bought from Jennifer Edwards all framed. It was hard to get a good picture due to the mirror-like frame but I was very happy with how it turned out! 

Do I have one more thing? Oh yes, I do!

 I added new knobs from World Market to my kitchen cabinets! There are two of each kind except for one (due to an odd number of cabinets) so it looks pretty much like all different ones but if I ever find cobalt blue or bright red ones I may change a couple out. I like this so much better than all the same since the kitchen doesn't have a lot of it's own color but they don't stand out and shout "Look at me" either.


That's it. Really. Hope you have a great week.


Ann said...

Oh wow! I love your sketches, especially that pear. Your drawings of faces are fantastic too. And the bread...yum! I have been without a bread machine for a while, although I still bake bread occasionally, but I just ordered a new machine since hubby says he no longer wants store-bought bread. Yes, he'll be learning to use the bread machine too. I'll have to try potato bread :-) And I totally want cabinet knobs like that! Jennifer's work is lovely - lucky you!

Beth Browning said...

What a fun post! I really enjoyed the glimpse into your life. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures and ideas.

LOVE the cabinets!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, You are such a busy lady. Bakin' and sketchin' and shoppin'. I'm gathering a new project to stitch while sitting in the lounge chair because yet another snow (I won't say storm) is on its way. Those little pink patches I have been making gave me the urge to bead something impressive. We'll see.

I know what you mean about out of touch with the cost of things these days. I think it might be a little worse in CA than in IN.
xx, Carol

rcwdesign said...

WOW! Busy indeed! Thanks for the link to the 'face' article. I can always use more info on how to improve my faces. Yours nephew sketch is great! I would recognize him from it! And no fair posting about fresh baked bread unless you’re going to share! LOL

Timaree said...

Thanks Ann and Beth for stopping by. Neither of you have your email attached to your name so I couldn't email you a thankyou but I will give it here. I really appreciate people stopping by especially since I don't blog often!

Ann, I just add about 1/2 - 3/4 cup of leftover mashed potatoes to my bread recipe and leave out a bit of the liquid. I use my machine only for kneading and rising as it doesn't bake that great of a loaf. Still, it takes all the work out of it!

Helena said...

Love the new knobs- I was thinking just this last week about doing this to my dressing table. You have inspired be to go ahead!

Your bread looks utterly delicious, and I'd love to try some with some chunky ginger jam, slurp.

Big LOL that your dogs don't want to walk in puddles! Hahaha LIke Fluffy used to go boing up and over the snow...

And finally....... LOVE the ballerina pic you bought- pastel?

Anonymous said...

How fun to find your blog Timaree! Nice kitchen knobs --all different!

Abang BC said...

Your bread looks utterly delicious, and I'd love to try some with some chunky ginger jam.. hhhmmm nyummy

Al said...

hmm nyummy i like it, and i want tes it in another time :)

denthe said...

Hey, I'm glad to have discovered your blog! Love everything you're showing here. That pear is very well done, it really looks 3-dimensional. And I love the drawings. Thanks so much for sharing the article by David Rankin. That's really interesting and I'm definitely going to try it out. I love your colourful nails (I too am a colourjunkie), but I most love your kitchen-knobs. Omg I'd love to do that in my house! So much fun!