Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've made a new collage page for my journal. I found the feather yesterday. I hesitated in reaching for it in the midst of a few bushes since I've seen two rattlesnakes this year in my garden areas so far but I didn't see any so got it and put it in my journal.

I sure wish I'd known about this kind of journaling back when my kids were little. Back then they had baby books but that meant answering the questions in it and adding pics and that didn't work for me. I didn't like the questions and couldn't afford the pics - that was before digital cameras which I consider to be one of the top inventions of our time. So, many memories are lost from that time but I hope not to lose all of my present days.


Carol said...

Isn't it funny what catches on and just grows and grows. I can tell you enjoy this journaling so much. And I enjoy seeing what you have created.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Another fabulous journal page. I too love doves. They mate for life and will actually lay down and die next to their mate. i have seen them act injured to lure you away from their nests. Really remarkable birds. I love the way you used the feather and picture on your page.

Griselda said...

This collage is gorgeous!
I love doves, they have adopted my backyard and they have been using the same nest for the past 5 months, two sets of parents I guessed.
I can't imagine you being so calm about rattle snakes in your do you do it? We had rats in that side of the house and I was so worried about the little birds, my husband trapped 11 rats in the garage...!
Not easy to even think about it, in any case, I have been sad, because life is all one and I hate to sacrifice one over the other.
Again, your work is so lovely, it warms my heart.