Saturday, September 29, 2007

August Page Update

Truly, I am working on my August page. No, I haven't started
September yet but I am plugging along. I redid parts of the tree as it wasn't quite looking like a tree. It was more difficult than I imagined it would be! The water is looking good; hopefully the waves will turn out well too.

I have enjoyed taking some time to get back to the blogs to see what everyone else has been doing. There are some pretty nice pages out there. Now, to get back to my beadwork....

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Kid's Bathroom

Okay, on we go to the kid's bathroom. Since there is a boy and
three girls the room couldn't be too feminine or too masculine. The kids decided dolphins would be good for all of them. My daughter found pictures in an animal encyclopedia and looking at a two to three inch picture, took chalk and drew the dolphins on the wall. She didn't use a grid or any other means to help her enlarge the pictures. Then she painted them with regular household paints and a few craft paints.

For the ocean she painted the walls turquoise and added a wave shape at the top which my great photo taking skills didn't catch. Oh, yes they did. Look at the last picture. You can see the wave shape over the dolphin leaping out of the water over the toilet.

I think she did another really great job again. Don't you?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Hallway Gallery

My daughter has turned her hallway into a changing gallery of her
children's artwork. Some of the art is from school and some is made at home.

At the bottom of the stairs she painted and stenciled her sign directing "visitors" to the stairway gallery. Then she hung their artwork. Simple but a great way to show lots of art (the fridge just isn't big enough).

I've placed here the main gallery and some close-ups so you can see what they all do. She definitely is creating a home to
encourage them to make art.

Next post on this subject will be the kid's bathroom. I neglected to take pictures of my daughter's bathroom which is also painted, stenciled and decorated. Oh, well, I can always do it next visit.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Do you see my new cursor? I don't know if the cursor and the ad showed up or just the ad (which I didn't realize was going to show but oh, well).

Thursday, September 13, 2007

One Room of My Daughter's House

These are pictures of the room my daughter painted for her two youngest girls. I'll let the pictures tell the story mostly but ask you to check out the cloud window valance she made of quilt batting she cut, separated into two plies at the top and slipped a rod through. The clouds were shaped into regular and special cloud shapes so the girls could "see" things in the "clouds" as we all like to do when we are out in a cloudy day. Don't you like the way she made the door a door of a little cottage?

The dressers in the room are old ones my older sisters had when they were young (too many years ago to go into here) my daughter freshened up with new paint and decals.

The cottage and castle on the walls were done by photocopying pictures my daughter liked in the books she reads to the girls every night. She enlarged the pictures and then cut them out and
decoupaged them to the wall.

Aren't these girls lucky? I would have loved a room like this as a child.

Since this room had the most pictures taken of it and my computer is having a lot of trouble uploading pictures right now, I will
share the other rooms when I can upload a little better. Something for
you all to look forward too!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Started at Last!

Well, I finally got started. I actually began on August 31st; still in the month of August for my August page. It's been an extremely busy month so I won't sweat it too much. I'll be back home next week and can work on getting caught up then.

I took pictures of my daughter's house I want to share with everyone. She has made a home a lot of kids would love to live in but I'll get to that next week. Check back; you'll be glad you did.