Wednesday, April 29, 2009

December BJP

I have finally finished my BJP page for December. Remember
I have already done January - I am behind but not quite that badly!

This page is done in red-orange to continue on my colorwheel scheme. The beads that were given to me (the other part of my scheme) are the blue and greenish beads that make up the tree. They are actually miracle beads and the clear coating doesn't look near as nice in the picture. The square beads were also gifts.

My meanings for this page:
  1. A Christmas tree - after all this is December so I am celebrating this holiday. These beads were given to me by my grandchildren for Christmas two years ago.
  2. Presents which we get and give to those we love. In this case, the presents are made of the cube beads my son gave me for Christmas last year and they represent the gift of having four grandchildren. Notice how they are all tied up in ribbon. That's because they are so special to me.
  3. The ripples going out from the tree represent how Christmas plannings and doings seem to grow and grow.
  4. The bit of space between the edging and the main beading caught my eye as I worked on the edging. I thought about fixing it so the fabric wouldn't show since this piece is an all-over beaded style. I decided it fits in very well with my Christmas theme as it is since it seems Christmas always has a way of doing what it wants and plans we make just don't always come off as we'd like. The best thing is to just go with the flow of each year so I left the space as is. This is a journal page after all. I'm not making the piece for a contest.

At first I was thinking how badly I centered the tree. It is way off but it seems to have worked out anyhow in the end. I thought it was going to be too plain at first as the only thing I originally had in mind was the tree. It sure came together in the end as I let the piece work itself out. I am quite happy with it.

Now I am ready to begin February and I have what I think are some perfect gifted beads for the month. They are rather clunky for such a small piece but we'll see how they work out. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inchy Blogiversary

Sorry this post looks so bad. It's all Blogger's fault!
Well, mine partly since I don't know HTML and
have to depend on Blogger to get it right for me.

The Inchybyinch blog has been going for one year as I mentioned in my last inchy post. This week we are celebrating it. Fiona has offered some blog candy to those who post an inchy on their blog and on the Inchybyinch blog under this week's post. Another entry can be made by becoming a follower of the blog. That's a very nice way to celebrate your blog and all the inchers who try to keep up with the challenges.

This week's inchy theme is Bling! I did my best to come up with what I think of as bling. I figure it means sparkle and plenty of it. My husband
figures it means gaudiness which just goes to show you what he knows, lol! I used a sparkly amber looking button with little plastic rhinestones on top of a background I made for an inchy tutorial in my journal (more about that in a minute). I added glitter around the edges to give it more sparkle.

I used a new glue I found at Beverly's craft store when I visited California. I like it that it has a good, immediate grab and that it is clear. I don't like how it leaves little strings. I first noticed

them when I took a photo of the inchy and saw it

in my windows photo gallery. I tried to get most of it off and retook the picture

. Much better but something to be careful about. If anyone has any ideas on how to reduce stringing please let me

(and everyone else) know by leaving a comment
The glue is called 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue by Beacon .

Now on to answering Carol's question of what I do with the inchies.

1.Nothing! Sometimes I just let them pile up in a drawer in my craft room. (Bet you didn't expect that answer)!

  1. I have been in a swap with them. It was a Christmas theme and hosted by Fiona.

  2. I put them in my journal as you can see here. One page is made of the inchies I got from that Christmas swap I was in. The other was just a way to show off some of my inchies and I plan to do more pages of them. That way I can see them more often and easier.

  3. I have put them on cards such as this one I made for my husband on our anniversary.

  4. I made a banner out of inchies for the same anniversary but think how you could make one for a birthday or a baby's homecoming. Yes, they do make small swags but they fit on a door or cupboard or across a computer screen.
  5. I make magnets out of them. The current week's inchy plus the group of four to the right were made by putting a picture through my Xyron machine with the magnet backing in it. Then I cut it up into one inch squares and use it as background. I made the beaded face as a magnet by just gluing a magnetic disc (found in Walmart and all craft stores) to the back of a paper inchy.
  6. I made a tutorial in my journal as mentioned at the top of this page. I wanted to let my grandkids when they read my journals later, to have an idea of how to make some. I only showed one way so this is an idea I can revisit later if I want.

And that Carol and any other wondering person, is what I do with my inchies. What do you do with yours? Or your twinchies, ATC's or moo cards - whatever little things you just make for fun?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Belated Easter Posting

I received a wonderful card for Easter from a blogging friend in Great Britain. Helena makes her cards and sells them so I was fortunate to get one of them. She made a very nice bookmark to go with the card. It looks a little smeary here but thats only because there is some pretty irridescent glitter on it. It was a very welcome surprise. Thankyou Helena and I am sorry it took me so long to acknowledge you.

You'll enjoy Helena's blog and she always welcomes new visitors. She is the sponsor of a card exchange I was in at Christmas time which I talk about here. You can see Helena's blog Creating a Likeness here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Current Inchy

The theme for this week's inchy on Inchybyinch is butterflies.
I put a stamped image of a large butterfly for my background and added the three little ones, the more the merrier right?

As it turns out, this week is the blogiversary for Inchybyinch blog. Fiona has been hosting us for an entire year now. Thankyou Fiona.

Now, Carol has asked what I do with all my inchies. Well Carol, I'll soon be making a post which will show you. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's not beading and it's not an inchy. This is the start of a new pair of socks I am knitting. I found the yarn on Ravelry. It's called You Ugly and was on sale because the maker, Perfect Day Yarns didn't like how the dye job went on this yarn. I liked the colors and figured I'd make a pair of socks. Well months later (I'm as slow at getting my knitting done as I am at beading and inchies) I am finally making them. These are my own design. I altered a stitch pattern from an old book and started with what I hoped was a good number of stitches. As you can see, I guessed well or was lucky as they are going to fit fine. I just thought I'd share what I am up to. Hopefully I'll have another BJP page to show in just a few days! And another inchy! Stay tuned.

Monday, April 20, 2009


The last two weeks had the same inchy theme, cats, but it took me till the very end of that time to come up with one. I ended up catching a photo and broke my camera - I don't think it was because of how my inchy looked!!
This inchy is made with beads. I ended up poking one extra little hole so my husband suggested I add a scarf round his neck and that hid the hold very nicely. Thankyou Hubby.
Have you ever tried beading an inchy? Why don't you give it a try and join in this week over at Inchy by Inch. It's fun!
Now on to this week's theme.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I am visiting at my daughter's house with her family. Our son will be coming up for the holiday too.

Tonight we'll be decorating at least 9 dozen hard-boiled eggs!

Hope you all have a great holiday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back to Inchies

I am back to getting some inchies done. This week we had a guest designer over at Inchybyinch blog . Jeanette Waters of H20 Creations suggested we do inchies in black and white reversal. Well, two of mine are real reversals - the roses. The other two are from our big snowstorm this winter (about 4-6 inches of snow - a lot for us!). One is my black dog Sambo against the white snow and the other is a snow-covered tree against the night sky. One way or another, I think I fit the theme.
I used photos for these inchies, played with them in PhotoShop Elements and shrunk them down before printing them out. They just seemed like postage stamps to me today (maybe because they were photos) so I cut them out with wavy scissors and edged them with black marker.
Come on, give it a try. These can be made in your favorite medium whether it's beads, drawing, embroidery, stamping, quilting or whatever. Just one teeny little inch and you are done. And you feel good for doing it too.