Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's not beading and it's not an inchy. This is the start of a new pair of socks I am knitting. I found the yarn on Ravelry. It's called You Ugly and was on sale because the maker, Perfect Day Yarns didn't like how the dye job went on this yarn. I liked the colors and figured I'd make a pair of socks. Well months later (I'm as slow at getting my knitting done as I am at beading and inchies) I am finally making them. These are my own design. I altered a stitch pattern from an old book and started with what I hoped was a good number of stitches. As you can see, I guessed well or was lucky as they are going to fit fine. I just thought I'd share what I am up to. Hopefully I'll have another BJP page to show in just a few days! And another inchy! Stay tuned.


Lunchbox said...

Hi Im LunchBox I always wanted to learn to knit, by the way your socks are awesome. i can dig the colors.

Bonny said...

The socks are going to be gorgeous!! Those colours are very summery - like the ocean. I don't find them 'ugly' at all.

missy k said...

I love the colours of your wool... I agree it reminds me of the ocean too.