Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inchy Blogiversary

Sorry this post looks so bad. It's all Blogger's fault!
Well, mine partly since I don't know HTML and
have to depend on Blogger to get it right for me.

The Inchybyinch blog has been going for one year as I mentioned in my last inchy post. This week we are celebrating it. Fiona has offered some blog candy to those who post an inchy on their blog and on the Inchybyinch blog under this week's post. Another entry can be made by becoming a follower of the blog. That's a very nice way to celebrate your blog and all the inchers who try to keep up with the challenges.

This week's inchy theme is Bling! I did my best to come up with what I think of as bling. I figure it means sparkle and plenty of it. My husband
figures it means gaudiness which just goes to show you what he knows, lol! I used a sparkly amber looking button with little plastic rhinestones on top of a background I made for an inchy tutorial in my journal (more about that in a minute). I added glitter around the edges to give it more sparkle.

I used a new glue I found at Beverly's craft store when I visited California. I like it that it has a good, immediate grab and that it is clear. I don't like how it leaves little strings. I first noticed

them when I took a photo of the inchy and saw it

in my windows photo gallery. I tried to get most of it off and retook the picture

. Much better but something to be careful about. If anyone has any ideas on how to reduce stringing please let me

(and everyone else) know by leaving a comment
The glue is called 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue by Beacon .

Now on to answering Carol's question of what I do with the inchies.

1.Nothing! Sometimes I just let them pile up in a drawer in my craft room. (Bet you didn't expect that answer)!

  1. I have been in a swap with them. It was a Christmas theme and hosted by Fiona.

  2. I put them in my journal as you can see here. One page is made of the inchies I got from that Christmas swap I was in. The other was just a way to show off some of my inchies and I plan to do more pages of them. That way I can see them more often and easier.

  3. I have put them on cards such as this one I made for my husband on our anniversary.

  4. I made a banner out of inchies for the same anniversary but think how you could make one for a birthday or a baby's homecoming. Yes, they do make small swags but they fit on a door or cupboard or across a computer screen.
  5. I make magnets out of them. The current week's inchy plus the group of four to the right were made by putting a picture through my Xyron machine with the magnet backing in it. Then I cut it up into one inch squares and use it as background. I made the beaded face as a magnet by just gluing a magnetic disc (found in Walmart and all craft stores) to the back of a paper inchy.
  6. I made a tutorial in my journal as mentioned at the top of this page. I wanted to let my grandkids when they read my journals later, to have an idea of how to make some. I only showed one way so this is an idea I can revisit later if I want.

And that Carol and any other wondering person, is what I do with my inchies. What do you do with yours? Or your twinchies, ATC's or moo cards - whatever little things you just make for fun?


Carol said...

Cool Post! I think your Bling Inchy is just right. I love it that you are keeping a journal and entered a Inchy Tutorial. What a creative idea. I hope you have girls to hand it down to, as I don't think boys would appreciate it quite as much. I have many crocheted and embroidered pieces made by my mother and grandmother so I see where my creative gene comes from.

I haven't decided what to do with my Bead Journal Pages yet.

I bought a journal a short time ago but haven't written in it yet, so you have given me the inspiration to begin. I never kept a diary when I was young. As you see I like to talk, but writing down my private thoughts? That is totally different.

AngelaC said...

Wow real BLING!! Fantastic inchy. I love all your ideas of how to use your inchies... I used to belong to a regular swap but that has ended,so mine tend to just get thrown into a small box. Perhaps one day I'll get them out and use some of them.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Great info Timaree - and a great blinging inchy - so much bling! LOL! I think next month it may be time for another inchy swap don't you?

Irish3 said...

That is one blinged out inchie! I love your journal page and cool to see your post full of inchies!

missy k said...

What a wonderful post! Love your 'bling' inchie.... have a nice weekend ... Karen

purplepaint said...

Your inchies are awesome!!! I love to do them and have been in the mood to make some more, just not enough time. I need to get off the computer and go do some art! :D

Jacquie said...

I really enjoyed this post. I laughed so hard after reading number 1, that you sometimes let your inchies just hang out in the drawer and do nothing with them...I think I might be guilty of that in my beadwork...so it was such an honest and unexpected answer it made me laugh... thank you for that. Love the cool things you did with the ones that got out of the drawer though! :o)

Sammie said...

Wow! What a post!!! Thanks for your help with the photography. It's working for my normal cards, but not with the uber silver, gold and ctrystal I used for the bling inchy, so sadly I can't share it:( Thanks for the advice though and for visiting me.

bubblemunch said...

This is such a great post. Your journal page on inchies is cool and I love the tag spread.
There's such a lot going on and you make working in the 'tiny' very appealing.

I'm about to start experimenting with ATCs - that's a big 'small' challenge for me!!