Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Eyes Have It?

Well, in this case the eyes don't! I had eye surgery on my left eye yesterday and thought I'd be okay to read and so on today but it's not to be. My new left eye vision doesn't go with my right eye in glasses so I'm dizzy and not focusing well. I get the other eye fixed in two weeks. Hopefully I won't be out of service that long but I am letting you know I won't be doing much in the way of artwork or blogging for at least a few days. The surgery I had was for cataracts and to put in a prescription lens so I can do away with glasses and contacts. Still hoping it's all worth it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekly Inchy

The theme for this week's inchy is rose. I used a square with a bit of handmade lace (a sampler used to learn honiton bobbin lace) glued onto it. The rose was a button I had; I snipped off the shank before gluing it on.
Anyone can join in by going to Inchy by Inch and leaving a link to the inchy you make for the theme. Have some fun and try it.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I know several of my blog pals live in Australia. I sure hope none of you are near the fires and especially that you weren't in one. This fire is worse than even the ones in California where a lot of my family had to evacuate and my uncle's house burned down. Take care. I'm praying for you and yours and that the weather changes too.

I tried going to individual blogs but I'm not sure just who all live in Australia so I may have missed some but I am not forgetting you right now.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

November BJP Page

Done at last! It's done at last! Hooray, I finished my November page. Between getting ready for Christmas, making a long visit to family in California and then some of the blahs, this page took me forever!! Somehow it managed to get a little off-kilter too.
The big orange bead is from the little bit of jewelry I have left of my mothers. I added seven cube beads that my son gave me (remember I am trying to use some gifted or handmade beads on these pieces) which stand for the number of children my mother had. One died as an infant but he was never forgotten. The small flowers add up to the number in our family as we grew up. The star and large flower were gifted to me by Julia of Mixed Media when we swapped ATC's .
Now I am going on to my next piece but it's going
to be the red one passing over red-orange for the
time being. I have a reason and you will find out
what it is when I have completed the red piece. Ooooh, don't let the suspense get to you. It's not that big a deal but it is a story so I'll put it with the piece.
The second picture here shows the first quarter done. I think it's following the color wheel pretty well so far. I hope I can find enough colors to make it all the way around without having to fudge too much. Now I can take a few evenings and go blogging through the BJP blogs without feeling too guilty. I feel a little as I am doing some pretty small pages and still managed to get pretty far behind.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This week's inchy theme is winter. The blog's author lives in Great Britain and got her share of the white stuff this weekend so she thought it would make a good theme.

I made a beaded snowflake with directions I found at Bead Gypsy . I used a square cut from a box of facial tissues (recycling where I can!) and edged it with a silver Krylon pen. I used a white gel pen to make the small snowflakes after gluing the beaded snowflake to the surface.

If you'd like to try your hand at making an inchy stop by Inchy by Inch blog and see what's up.

Boy, I think I am on a roll this week! It feels good to be back creating this or that again.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Did It!

I did it. I have had this blog for over a year and have never dared change my header until now. All I've done is add a picture and hope to play around with Photoshop Elements and make a banner that reflects what I do more but in the meantime I've got something a little better than a blue rectangle!

The picture in the header and these on this post were taken in San Diego while I was visiting my son this past Christmas trip to California. My son got me to go on the Spruce Street suspension bridge which was really scary for me. If the bridge had started swinging when I got on it I would never have crossed to the other side of it but it was sturdy even though it was very narrow and high off the ground. It was over a pretty canyon by Balboa Park.

I had a great short visit with my son in San Diego. He took me to Rancho's restaurant which has mexican style food for everyone - meat eaters, vegetarians and even vegans. I had avocado enchiladas which were very good. The picture of my son and I was taken at the restaurant.
Then he drove me around his neighborhood which is where we came across this bridge. We also stopped for a few minutes at Balboa Park. I grew up in San Diego and visited the park a lot as a kid. It was fun to see streets my parents would mention in stories about their growing up years and just to see where my son currently lives.
The plus is that I was able to change the look of my blog because of my visit.