Monday, November 10, 2008

ATC Swap

About a month ago Julie of Mixed Media blog asked me if I'd
like to trade ATC's. We settled on fabric as the basis. I made her the beaded moon ATC shown at right. The green fabric is hand dyed by Grace of Barnyard Chatter (I'd previously used some here.) I enjoyed making this for Julie but I think I got the best end of the stick! Look at what she sent me.

She sent me a note on handmade paper. That's always nice to feel and even to repurpose later.

Then she sent me a Celtic prayer. I really like those. Julie, my maiden name is O'Keefe and my grandfather was born in Ireland - came over to the U.S. as a baby.

Then she sent me a packet of buttons, beads and charms! I saw a couple of orange buttons in the packet that will find their way onto my November BJP page as orange is the color for this month.

And last but the best by far, much better than what I
sent her, is the ATC she sent. She titled it The Beach at St. Ives, Cornwall. Isn't it beautiful? Seashells and sea shards along with embroidery and beads, needle felting , or maybe it's what is called embellishing and rust-dyed fabric make up the surface. She used wire to wrap the shards to keep them on the surface. I just love this. I feel the ocean through this piece Julie. You really are an artist.

Well, Christmas may still be more than a month away but I felt like it showed up in my mailbox today! Thanks Julie.


Scrappy Cat said...

OK, now - you need to stop that. Your atc is every bit as wonderful as the one you received, and I'm quite sure that Julie will be thrilled with it. And if she isn't, then she can just send it right to me!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! BOTH ATC's are gorgeous!!!

I'm quite pleased to discover a Celtic Prayer I haven't seen before. This prayer is going into my journal as soon as I get home. I've copied it down into my little notebook for odds and ends, so I won't forget it. ;))

Carol said...

O, you are SO silly!! Both ATC are great. What a treat for you to receive all those tiny treasures AND prayer. You know what they say, Play it Forward as I am sure you will.

Have a great day and a great time playing with your new trinkets.

Julie said...

I second Scrappy Cat! But she's not having my atc! lol I absolutely love the moon ATC you sent me and it has pride of place on my dresser. I put it on my blog as soon as it came :o) It was lovely to swap with you and I feel privileged to own a piece of your beautiful beaded art. I'm pleased my atc got to you without breaking up. Thank you for swapping :o)

Magpie Sue said...

I'd say you *both* scored!