Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Handmade Book

I want to learn how to write poetry. I don't always understand a lot of poetry; I'm a pretty cut-to-the-chase kind of person. I have always liked Walt Whitman's poetry and I've just read a good book of poems by David Budbill called Moment to Moment. So, I decided I needed a book in which to practice. I didn't find what I wanted at the Office Depot here in town so I decided to make one of my own.

I have made a hard cover accordian book and a glued spine book but hadn't made one with stitched signatures (sets of folded pages stitched together). I wanted a hard cover but I wanted the book to open flat in case I wanted to work across two pages. I ended up with this. I used some white drawing paper by Dick Blick using the size of the sheets folded in half. I used some printed papers for the cover and end papers. The spine cover is some hand dyed fabric by K. Grace Howes of the blog Barnyard Chatter . I won a fat quarter of this green in a drawing on her blog. (I am using more of it in another project I'll post here when done). I ended up
varnishing the fabric spine to keep the edges from fraying. I think I need to figure out how to do a neater job if I want to use fabric again. The varnish made the colors darker on the fabric. It originally matched much more closely although I like this contrast too. The one orangy flower on the cover picks up the reddish orange color in the fabric nicely I thought.

Anyhow, I thought I would share this with all of you. Now to try some poems. Don't be looking too soon for me to be putting them out here. Maybe sometime, and maybe not. See how it goes.


Janet said...

I'm not much of a poetry lover, especially the kind where you must figure out what they're trying to say! But I love the book you made....great job!!

a2susan said...

hi, Freebird. I hope you enjoy exploring poetry. Robin has an exercise about writing poetry using your beadwork. If I remember correctly, look at your piece for a few minutes. Write down words that come to mind, whatever they are. Then take those words and compose a poem. It is a very powerful exercise and people who didn't think they could write anything came up with amazing poems.

carolann said...

Your book is brilliant hun WTG xxxx

grace said...

I too would love to write poetry but it doesn't come as easily to me as it does to my sister (who writes books, plays, and poetry).
I have to say that I love your use of my hand dyed fabric on the spine. It makes the lighter green colour pop so well. Thanks for the shout out.

freebird said...

Janet, we'll see if I can make some "readable" poetry if I even have that in me.

a2susan, Thanks for the reminder about Robin's way to do the poetry. That might actually work with the way I will be doing the BJP this year. (which I still haven't finalized what that is yet).

carolann, thanks for stopping by. I see so much happening on your blog and mine doesn't get updated too often. It's surprising I keep my visitors coming!

Grace, I'll bet you didn't think it would turn into a book spine did you? It will become more too. Thankyou again.

Tally said...

Hi, do you remember me?
Blogworld is so small. I saw your rare name in a comment on a blog that has nothing to do with beading and clicked on it out of curiosity - bingo, it was you.
So here I am to say "hi" to you.

Jennifer said...

The book is lovely ... I kinda like that the fabric darkened a bit, too. The contrast is wonderful. Have fun filling it with poems! I like poetry, but am not all that good with it, though I am pretty good at making rhyming words ... I sing little ditties to my kids all the time and try to make the rhyme ... maybe that's my form of poetry? I should write some of it down to embarrass my kids later LOL!

Scrappy Cat said...

I really love this book - I like the darker spine a lot - makes a great contrast.