Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome to BJPers

Welcome to all the BJPers who are getting ready to start the new year. Taking on a year's commitment isn't easy - I know as I am still working on my last piece from last year. I really hope to do better this year. I hope you all have fun and find satisfaction and peace as you bead the year through.

I thought I'd start 08BJP with finding my bead name. I've even found some beads to match. What is your bead name?

My Your Beady Name is: is Chartruese Chevron Bead.
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The bad Liz said...

Thanks for the chuckle with the beady Name maker. I am now: "Silverlined Rainbow Hollow Bead"

Does hollow refer to my brain. That's what my hubby thought and I'd like to think that he's wrong...again.

Janet said...

I'm Garnet Sparkly Bead! No purple anywhere in that name so how can it be me?!!

Magpie Sue said...

I'm Iridescent Turquoise Chevron Bead. It's a mouthful, but I'll take it! I still have three journal quilts to finish from last year's BJP. I'm backing off this year but will keep tabs on what you're doing :- )

Looks like your grands had a lot of fun with the inchies!

The Lone Beader said...

The BJP is every year?? When will folks ever have a chance to bead something else?? LOL.

abeadlady said...

I am officially "Turmeline Lentil Bead"
Glad to be back to doing BJP again.

Sabine said...

Hello Freebird,

thanks for the welcome to this round of the BJP.

I came here to tell you that I just saw your teacup on "Beading Daily". It was like meeting an acquaintance. Such a nice cup, too.

Best regards,
Sabine aka Rosaline Lentil Bead

freebird said...

I love all these beady names! Not bad for a fun start huh?

The bad liz: I find husbands are usually wrong about how women's brains are!

Janet: No purple means you get to have a little variety. It's the spice of life you know.

Magpie sue: I wish you were in the BJP again but I'll be keeping up with your quilting. I know it keeps you busy. Use a few beads here and there still, okay?

Lone beader: I'm hoping the BJP does go on as new people join and try out bead embroidery sometimes for the first time. Once we have 'em hooked they can go on to other stuff. Then there are those like me who put the furniture in place and never move it again. Lol.

A bead lady: I'll be keeping in touch. I'm glad you are back too.

Sabine: Thanks for telling me about Beading Daily. I hadn't seen it yet. What a surprise to see my cup there too. Is that good vibes for our year?