Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I saw this video as a link on another blog. I hope I can get it here. I really don't know how these things work so I just have to try it and see.

If this doesn't work then try this.

Good luck. If you can get to it it's funny and informative too.


Rob said...

Thanks for popping in over at 2Dolphins! I was so impressed by this TED talk that I posted it on our blog and have since commandeered about a dozen of my friends & coworkers' PCs and forced them to watch the video.

There's just a wealth of great stuff over at TED! I also really enjoyed the really inspiring renegade lunch lady (a.k.a. Ann Cooper) talk about school lunches and the far-reaching impact of how we're shortchanging kids with inferior food.

Sacredartist said...

This is a great video. I really value a different point of view from the "educational establishment".
Another great educator and speaker against the "establishment" is John Taylor Gatto. He wrote about the history of education and you can read about it here in an informative and with pictures...

Hope you enjoy!