Thursday, November 13, 2008


I recently saw a picture on a blog that I really liked. Well, there were a lot I really liked but there was one that said "gotta have it for my daughter" so I inquired about it and was able to purchase the painting as notecards. I was really lucky because Monette who sells these from her shop on Etsy called Shiny Designs also sent with the packet of bunny cards, a couple of her wonderful birds on notecards. Doesn't she do lovely work. With Christmas coming up you might think about stopping in for some reasonably priced gifts most people would love.

I just sent one of the cards off with a package to my son. I
needed to enclose a note and he likes art and nature so I am hoping he'll appreciate this card too.

I just love that little bunny. You really did a great job Monette.


Carol said...

I love it when bloggers post about something they found on the web and share the link. I am on my way to visit your link. The birds caught my eye. I am sure your son will appreciate the bunny. There are several framed greeting cards on my walls. I surround myself with what I love, LOL!

Jacquie said...

Those are beautiful! A notecard many times becomes framed art in my home! I especially love birds and I will have to visit this site. Thanks for sharing

Magpie Sue said...

Oh I love those bird notecards! I have to hop over there to see if she still has some!