Friday, September 28, 2007

The Kid's Bathroom

Okay, on we go to the kid's bathroom. Since there is a boy and
three girls the room couldn't be too feminine or too masculine. The kids decided dolphins would be good for all of them. My daughter found pictures in an animal encyclopedia and looking at a two to three inch picture, took chalk and drew the dolphins on the wall. She didn't use a grid or any other means to help her enlarge the pictures. Then she painted them with regular household paints and a few craft paints.

For the ocean she painted the walls turquoise and added a wave shape at the top which my great photo taking skills didn't catch. Oh, yes they did. Look at the last picture. You can see the wave shape over the dolphin leaping out of the water over the toilet.

I think she did another really great job again. Don't you?


Anonymous said...

Kudos to the artist! I am overwhelmed at the idea of having a kid paint the decor in the bathroom, even though my kid would probably do a great job. (We have but one bathroom, and Daddy has no soul for art. So alas, our bathroom will remain plain and boring) Rest assred that if we had more than one bathroom, we'd be writing you for some tips to help us decorate it!

freebird said...

To be clear anonymous, my kid is 32 years old! She did this a few years ago for her own children. Their dad wasn't too sure about it but has learned she does a good job and it can always be re-painted.

nici said...

These are really terrific; the girls' room is like a princess dream room! Really enjoyed the tour!

Cindy Dean said...

That is great! I love to look at murals!