Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick Sketches Build a Page

I started this page by sketching the iced-tea glass on some cheap memo paper because I hadn't been drawing anything and felt a lack of it. I did the drawing in probably a minute and didn't like it. So I didn't have anything to lose by adding some watercolor. Still didn't like it but set it aside to dry. In the morning I sort of liked it (isn't that how it goes?) and grabbed another paper scrap, this time a bit of watercolor paper, and drew my little plastic bowl with Dove Chocolate Easter eggs in it. The color really shows differently on this paper doesn't it? So now what to do with these is the question. I threw them in my journal and didn't look at them for a few days. I ate a couple of Dove chocolates and realized the foils I peeled off them could go with the picture. I adhered the two pictures and the foils to the page but it was lacking something. Aha! I dug the Lipton teabag wrapper out of the trash where I'd just thrown it and added that to the page plus some writing. I'm pretty happy about my page and it's truly a bit of my life here. What do you have laying around to draw and add to your journal?


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Proof positive that any subject can be turned to art and definitely "recycling" at its best.
xx, Carol

Jennifer Edwards said...

Timaree!!! I love this page! And your story of its evolution is wonderful!! Definitely a page to remember. Your tenacity to keep on trying things and not give up is inspiring. Glad you are creating!!

Deborah said...

I really like this page - and the tea glass!