Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Aftermath

As my last post said, our house in Arizona was broken into and the copper wire was stolen. Because of that my husband is staying there till we sell the house. We've moved most of our belongings to California so he went out and got a few things like a bright blue plastic gingham tablecloth for the brown folding table that is in the dining room and a cheap flatware set from Walmart. It is surprising in that it is such a colorful set. That is what I tend to go for, not him! I decided to paint the flatware in my journal to remember his choice later on.

I asked my husband to scan it in for me and he did - after he got the scanner working. It was being pretty stubborn being on wireless and my husband wasn't in the best of moods because when I tried using the disposal after dinner it made terrible noises and so to top everything off lately it seems we now need a new disposal! We go to sign papers at the realtor tomorrow putting the house up for sale so the timing was not good. Ah well, life does go on and later this will just be part of our "moving to California" story. We will laugh about it then.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

That's what I like! I guy that can surprise you after all these years!!