Wednesday, June 2, 2010

C is for Color

I got the new book The Journal Junkies Workshop. Using a few of their ideas I made this page. I've previously done a page for the letter A and have started (barely) one for B so I decided to do C here. Since this uses mixed media I decided to post it on this blog even though it is also on my drawing blog.

I used watered down acrylic for the watercolor looking background hoping it would somewhat seal the page. This is done on drawing paper and the paint was watery enough to soak the paper and bleed through to the other side almost ruining my page there. Adding watercolor pencil lines, I had to rewet the paper to blue them out. Then I let it dry and stuck with drier stuff like a photo I took of a flower in my daughter's yard and some butterflies from gift wrap. A little inkwork and I called it done at least for now.

I think my next journal will only have watercolor paper in it. I like painting on the 140# but it's so thick you can't get so many pages in a single journal. Could any of you tell me how 90# paper works for doing wet backgrounds concerning bleedthrough to the other side? I don't mind buckling as it flattens some when the book is pressed close.


Carol said...

Cool! I always enjoy looking at your work. You are so versitile!
I used to make earrings out of 140# watercolor paper. I just remembered that.

sweetcheeks said...

Wow has it ever been a nasty month. My gbaby is still in the hospital in Denverand now my dh is in the hospital for COPD. My gbaby is still having some cardiac issues but hopefully he will be able to go home next week. I can't seem to get my head on straight for some reason. For some reason I am having some fatigue problems. I think it is from having diarrhea for 2 months. I told you I have a funky back which is causing that problem. It was a real problem before my surgery and now it is back. I guess over whelmed is a good word.
Take care hope hubby is doing well.