Friday, March 25, 2011

Odds and Ends

 I've finished this house picture I've worked on at times over the last two years.  I started it before I began using watercolor.  It's in my moleskine journal and I used watercolor pencils which work in that book unlike watercolor.  This is purely imaginary; a fun escape when I wasn't feeling so cheerful. 

The bluish faced creature is me!  This was done as an exercise suggested in the group The Sketchbook Challenge.    This is a blind contour drawing done in white crayon on white paper so you can't see it even if you peek.  I stood in front of a mirror and drew what I saw, then painted over it all with aqua.  The outline showed up but I went back and wiped out as much blue in the face as possible and added more realistic colors.  One person who saw it on flickr
said it looked like I was looking up from under some water
which I think fits.  My eye got a little off to the side and it's
not any great piece but it was fun and I plan to try it again.

The next piece is a bookmark I made after the bigger picture that looks similar.  I did these in Jane Lafazio's style with the bigger one made for a class of hers I am currently taking at Joggles.  This is ink without using pencil first and then adding watercolor.  I got the pink too dark on the large picture so really went lighter on the bookmark.  It looks better.  I'm having fun in this class and if you are wanting a beginner's course in watercolor journaling this might be the ticket for you.  It's fun even if you aren't a total beginner.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Janet Ghio said...

Timaree-your drawings are so wonderful--wouldn't you like to live in that house-so charming and the plant drawing is beautiful. The contour face drawing-well-I've made them before-not the most flattering!!

Barbara said...

Love the house - perfect order everywhere and charming too!

Julie said...

Your house looks very happy and I'm sure that rabbit will be when he gets to the cabbages ;-) Lovely drawings all round.