Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - Mitzi's view

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!  Hope you have a wonderful day. 

We celebrated yesterday as everyone but my mistress are going to Disneyland today.  Mistress says that's fine with her as she'd rather spend the day with just us dogs for a change.  No people unless she decides to go out somewhere to eat. 

The girls picked such lovely flowers it was a shame not to try drawing them.  The scanner lightened the picture quite a bit but we can only do a basic scan with no adjustments since it's not our scanner (don't have the software to do all the adjusting).  The vase was on a brownish table so I painted what I was seeing and should have painted that part to how I was going to have the background on my paper which is good to learn if I want to make pictures that aren't journal entries.  No pencil was used here; it was straight penwork and then painting. 

We are having a good visit even if it was due to Skoshi (one of Mistress' other dogs, a shih-tzu) having a stomach blockage from swallowing a rawhide chip.  She was rehydrated, given barium and lots of xrays but not the surgery we thought she might have to have.  We are all relieved but now we don't get to chew on the rawhide strips anymore.  I hope Mistress finds something else yummy for us to chew on. 

Note by Timaree:  I know Roz's International Fake Journal Month is over but Mitzi hasn't filled her small journal so we will continue till it is filled.  Besides, it's fun!

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Carol said...

Well, we all certainly love Mitzi so we'll be glad to hear more!!

Happy Mother's Day.