Sunday, May 1, 2011


Some days were cloudy and cool, some were cloudy, cool and rainy and some days during my trip to California were sunny and gorgeous.  This was one of the sunny days.  Mistress' son-in-law was kind enough to sweep the spider webs off the chairs by the pool so she could sit and enjoy the sunshine.  She thought it was too sunny and wished she'd worn a hat but I enjoyed all that sunshine. 

The kids decided to go swimming but weren't in too long.  A sunny day doesn't mean overly warm when a cool breeze is blowing.  The kids enjoy sitting in the spa and then jumping in the pool straight from it.  That's a bit too high a jump for me; I prefer the wide shallow steps at that far left corner in my painting.  The pool was actually a deeper teal color more like the tile work but I wanted the tile to show up separately so I took what my mistress calls "artistic license" and made it bluer (the pool has a very dark teal pebble lining).  The kids enjoy the cave.  I hear a bird is building a nest inside and I wonder if I was here when the eggs were laid or hatched if I could reach it.  Wouldn't that be a tasty snack?  This is sure a fancy pool and rather larger than the one we have at home.  You can see my pal Sarah in the one we have.  A bit of a come-down don't you think?  And we certainly can't both sit in that little thing at the same time.  A dog's life isn't always easy I can tell you!

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Krista Meister said...

Excellent pond sketch!