Saturday, April 30, 2011


Boy, have we been busy!  Easter came and went and it was great except for Tena's migraine.  I wonder why dogs don't get them although I am very glad we don't because it looked like she was really hurting.  Anyhow, I took a spare moment when everyone was still asleep to draw some eggs and a chocolate bunny on the kids' whiteboard which is sitting in the kitchen.  It's rather hard to draw well with markers that erase so easily but I gave it a shot.  Good thing too as that's all I had to show for Easter.  I took a photo of it knowing I'd want something for my journal.  After putting it in PSElements where I added the Happy Easter bubble I printed it out and layered it over a photo print of Mistress's easter candy.  Now I have a memory in my journal.  I wish I could have a memory of one of the eggs the kids dropped as they dyed the eggs but they grabbed it up so quick I couldn't get to it.  If I'd been one of the smaller dogs I'd have been able to I'm sure.

I hope you all had a great Easter.  I'll bet no one thought you were dyed special for Easter as someone thought I was when we went for a walk on Easter Day.  Hmmph, like I'd go through this coloring business just for one day!


Janet Ghio said...

Mitzi is very talented, using the computer and all!!

Carol said...

Mitzi, what are you thinking!! Of COURSE dogs don't get migraines. Migraines hit people usually after they have been stressed. When dogs get stressed, they shed. OOPS, that's why you don't don't shed!