Monday, April 4, 2011

Having Fun - Mitzi

Hi everyone. Mitzi here. We are having a good time so far. As I mentioned before, the weeds surprised me. We get them in Arizona in the spring but never so big and tall! Tena has been weeding pathways through them for her kids but we dogs sure appreciate it too since we have to make several trips out there everyday. I drew a few of the weeds that are growing but I don't really know what the names are for them. One is just some kind of grass. I know because that's what it tasted like when I tried it.

A German Chocolate cake was waiting for Mistress when we arrived. I got a chewy bone of some sort. I get lots of doggy treats here but not as much of table food as I get at home. Change is good I keep telling myself.

Everyone has gone off to Disneyland now so Mistress and I are taking good care of my new friends Buddy and Lolli, the rabbits (they are fun to watch and so much fatter than the bunnies running around my yard at home), the cats and the birds. This house holds more animals than at home. It even has 4 children but like I said, they've gone to Disneyland. I'm trying hard to do a good job. I bark if anyone comes to the door. You never know who could be there so I want to make sure Mistress is warned. She'd rather I barked just once but I like to give a bit of warning so she just has to get over that nonsense and let me protect her the best I can.

I wonder what else we'll be doing while we are here. I hear she'll take me for a walk to see more than just this neighborhood. Stay tuned.


Janet Ghio said...

I love the part about the barking!!

Carol said...

Hi Mitzi! Don't you worry, a good watchdog is worth their weight in GOLD!! Your mistress my SAY one bark is enough, but we alllll know that's just not so! We know its about letting the outsider know your mistress has PROTECTION!!

Can't wait to see what's in store for you tomorrow!

freebird said...

Thanks Janet. My dogs love to bark! And my son-in-law just hates it so I try to keep them quiet - as if!

Carol, I do feel safer when I have the rare occasion to be alone having dogs with me!