Sunday, June 5, 2011

All Done!

Here it is in all the glory it's going to get! This is my pear. Thanks so much Ann for the tutorial and thanks to everyone who has been keeping an eye on the project.

I left the border and the extra bit of paper on the bottom because I am wondering if I want to add "Pear" in calligraphy (Ann, was this a Bartlet?) or maybe something more in that space. I also am wondering about a background. What would any of you do? Leave it white, add some colored pencil - and what color would you use? I'm rather stumped at this point so thinking it'll probably remain white. All opinions welcome!

So once again, check out Blue Bird Hill as she can inspire you too!


Janet Ghio said...

Excellent job! It looks good enough to eat!!

Barbara said...

Absolutely lovely!

Carol said...

It looks very realistic.

Jacqueline said...

Not sure my last post worked but I think this is an absolutely gorgeous pear painting!