Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catching Up for Now

My husband had an appointment at the VA dental office. It is in Prescott AZ, about 80 miles away so I packed candy and journal stuff to go along with me while I waited for him. The first picture is what I did while I waited. It's in the style of Alisa Burke who offers an ongoing class here.

I made a little travel palette to go in my journal in my purse. It takes up no room. In fact it sits inside my journal. It's made by cutting a piece of Sheer Heaven, a special plastic which can be used multiple ways as you can see here. I made it per the instructions found here. It worked really well as you can see.

And these are my latest pictures from Jane Davenport's class SuppliesMe. I plan on signing up for her next class!


Julie said...

Wonderful drawings Timaree. You are building a great body of works.

bubblemunch said...

Your flowers are just so pretty with such a bright and happy palette - made me smile! :-)

violette said...

Wow - your images are just gorgeous!

Love, Violette