Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Question For You

Hi everyone. First, this is a picture I made for Jane Davenport's class Supplies Me
. I enjoyed drawing this as she represents my granddaughter who is really skinny like this, loves purple and is taking ballet. (Her mother told me in LB's saturday class they were told to kick their legs behind them and try to reach the back of their head. When she saw LB she exclaimed "OMG (long version), she's really doing it"! And my LB said she kicked her head pretty hard with her right leg but only touched it lightly with her left. Now can you do that? I can't even kick past knee-height!

The second thing and the point of this post is a question. Do you have an Ipad or an Android tablet? I am looking at these and have read that on the Android tablets some of the web sites come up in cellphone version rather than a PC version and some find that annoying. Since I don't get sites on my cellphone I don't know how annoying that would be so I am hoping someone can tell me! If you have an Ipad, do the sites come up regular version or cellular version on it? Maybe this is the real reason people love the Ipad over the Android tablets?


Carol said...

I am technologically challenged so I don't have any suggestions on that front.

Great drawing of your granddaughter. Cute story too. My Corey is 6'4". He studies Jiu Jitsu. He kicks his leg up and touches our ceiling. He sits on the floor and crosses both legs behind his head. I have always admired limber people!

Tammie Lee said...

this turned our wonderful! yea.