Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sketching at a College Campus

I'm still out in California! We had a beautiful day yesterday; I even had to take off my sweater! I went with my daughter's family to the California Lutheran University where her two littlest had a job seminar to learn about some types of careers and her oldest daughter had to take pictures for an English assignment. I took the pictures for her as she had to be in pictures that showed the library, the science building, a stadium, a dorm and one with a faculty member plus a few others. We had so much trouble trying to get her in the picture along with the name of a building which was way over her head and to have the name show up since the school had them done in a silvery color on a beige background for the most part. Anyhow, we got it done and then had loads of time (like 2.5 hours) to sit and wait for the little girls to get done with their seminar. I pulled out my sketchbook I keep in my purse and painted a very stylized statue of Martin Luther. Later we heard the hours chime and I wonder if the statue isn't a bell! I also painted a bridge and sort-of stream that runs through the grounds. There was only a trickle of water going through but it is enough to support the animals and insects we saw around such as ducks, squirrels, bees and even a hummingbird. I didn't see the ducks till I'd finished painting my pic so didn't include them but my granddaughter saw the squirrel as I was finishing so I did quickly add it. I certainly didn't make nice finished paintings here but only quick sketches. In fact, I only drew the statue from memory as we weren't sitting where I could see most of it and didn't figure on adding any background but once I started it just came together and I got the library that was behind the statue (again, sort-of, lol). The campus is really pretty and peaceful.

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