Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sunny Day

I woke up this morning at my son's house in Oceanside, California.   I am here for a family get together.  My nephew is moving from Ft. Benning, George to Hawaii and is stopping here for a couple of days.  My sister who lives here is giving the party but I'll be taking some vegan chili and brownie pudding.
  But back to today.  My son took off for the beach to play volleyball but I thought it was too chilly so I stayed home.  Later though,
Sambo and I went out and sat in the sunshine.  It was nice and warm so I came in and got a cup of coffee and my skmetchbook.  I drew some of the plants in my son's yard. 
I should have been drawing birds for my lesson in Laure Ferlita's "Visit To, the Beach"  but I figured I could do that when I had to come inside. 

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