Sunday, October 14, 2007

August Page Finished!!

My August page is finally, finally finished! It took a lot more time than I expected but I like how it turned.

Of course there is a story here. It's simple and short but a good memory just the same.

When my sisters (the two who were closest in age to me) and I were in our early teens we got bored with just having the pool in the summer time. We got to go to Mission Beach in San Diego, CA at least a few times during the summer and also to the San Diego Zoo. Usually the whole family would go to the beach while just us sisters would go to the zoo.

Mission Beach is a great swimming beach. Sometimes there was too much kelp and once in a great while some jellyfish but mostly we got to enjoy clean, warm sand and great waves. We'd spend several hours trying to body surf and then we'd walk over to the bay area (Santa Clara Point was our favorite spot) where we'd finish the day with a barbecue. Sometimes we got sunburned but not often except for the one fairhaired sister of the bunch as we'd already be tanned from using our pool. Dad would always tell us how the beach wall was built in his day because one year their was a tsunami which eroded the beach area pretty badly. He'd also tell us how the tsunami left a boat on a tall building. I don't know if his story was true but he would insist we could see a picture of it in the San Diego Union's archive. As far as tall buildings, they don't get too high in that area but hey, a boat on any roof would mean a good sized wave!

My sisters and I would spend a whole day at a time at the zoo. Back then, the zoo was free for anyone 16 years and younger so this worked out great for a summertime break. I don't know how we got there. Both of my parents worked and we only had one car so they were already shuffling back and forth between them just to get to and from work but somehow they managed to get us to and from the zoo also. I wish I could remember how they accomplished this and now I realize how much extra effort this cost them I appreciate that we got to go even more.

The first thing you see when you have entered the zoo is the flamingo pond. On hot summer days that looked so refreshing just as the bird house did when we went through it (I think the bird house is gone now). The bird house was built on the side of a hill and there were waterfalls, a running stream, and huge trees in it with loads of birds. It was as close as we would ever get to anything so "tropical". Sometimes we'd see the seal show and other times we'd see the elephants, giraffes and other animals in the "safari" area. The San Diego Zoo has plenty of flora to go with the fauna making for a pleasurable walk even if you weren't particular about where you were headed. There were plenty of monkeys but their cages back then weren't so nice so we didn't care so much for them and preferred the more natural settings.

August being the hottest of the summer months helped us really enjoy the beach and the lazy strolling through the zoo. I don't get to the beach or the zoo often now but I have great memories of them.


KV said...

Lovely story, Freebird and very special beading. I adore those animal and bird figures you placed on this page, and especially the sea gulls you beaded!

Kathy V in NM

Lois B said...

Oh, what great animals in your zoo! I lived in San Diego, in Ocean Beach, at one time and your piece and your story reminds me of that. The zoo is a really long way from Mission Beach-- I guess your parents did a lot of driving!

Beading Butterfly said...

Beautiful work!

Kassie - The Beading Butterfly

a2susan said...

What a terrific page (as always!). I love the contrast yet blending of the beach and the zoo. Keep those memories rolling....

Kiwi Ellen said...

Fantastic!! I am pleased you were able to get some waves in your ocean too!! Gotta watch out tho, that 3D stuff is addictive LOL

artandtea said...

What a fun page and a great story! -Karen

Robin said...

What a fabulous memory piece and story... I love this idea of islolating a memory from childhood or youth and doing it with beads. Yay!!! I've only gone to the SD Zoo once in my life (at about 9 or 10, I think), and I still remember lots about it. Thanks for refreshing that memory! Ditto a2susan's comment about your sucessful blending of the two memories!!!

freebird said...

kv- the seagulls were my impromtu effort to fill too blank a space. I kinda like them too.

lois b- We lived in El Cajon, an even farther distance! Glad to remind you of the area.

beading butterfly- glad you stopped by. I know you are very busy!

a2susan- Funny thing about memories- if I can't remember some, my sisters do. We don't always have the same take on them though!

kiwi ellen- I took your advice on the waves. I think they turned out much better than they would have flat!

artandtea- Glad you stopped and enjoyed the story. Hope you were enjoying one of your teas with the reading.

Robin- Sometimes I surprise myself with a memory here or there but I am having a great time "journaling" them in beads. August just couldn't be confined to just one memory. Am glad it triggered your memory of the zoo.

Trilly said...

What a great way to share your memories and thank you for also refreshing my memories of that special zoo :) I love your palm tree.

CC said...

How fun is this piece?!!! Yea! I love it! I also figured out how to get to your blog after you post on mine! I'm slow. I know! ;) I love that flamingo...and your little bird cursor thingy. How do you make that happen? Everyone seems to know so much! Anyway, hugs from Kauai!

freebird said...

Thanks Trilly and glad to revive your memories.

CC. I believe you can click on the box at the upper left corner on my blog to get to a program you can download for the cursors. They have you download a toolbar but you can hide it after you pick your cursor if you want.