Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Old Quilt/New Quilt

As you can see in these pictures, my old quilt has had it. It is torn all over and well faded. I have used this quilt for a solid 8 years daily as my bedspread. I have napped on top and my animals have used it daily also so it served me well. It was a scrap quilt made from an article I saw in a Threads magazine. I had fun making it and enjoyed using it although it would never have earned any prizes either for style or quality of workmanship. I used fabrics at hand and stitched it for longevity, not prettiness.

I have looked for a new bedspread locally that I wouldn't have to make since I am busy with the Bead Journal Project and need to get working on Christmas items. But, I have seen quilts, pretty fabrics and manipulated fabrics on many of the blogs I have been reading so these blogger/artists have inspired me to get off my duff and make a new one.

In my new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine (Sept./Oct. - issue #14) there was an article by Debbie Crane about making an easy quilt by making a "pillowcase", sewing the bottom of it shut and appliqueing squares to the finished layers. I am going to use the idea by making two crazy quilts and putting them together for the "pillowcase". Then I will tie the layers together in places instead of sewing squares through the layers.

So, I have pulled out my boxes of fabrics (yes, I know about the acid content but expediency at the time came before conservation. I'll try to change that). I have set myself up in the living room with a folding table down the center of it, my fabrics on the loveseat, and my sewing machine on my fold-down desk.

I have begun some squares and decided I will put a fan on each one in the colors I have painted the furniture in my bed/craft room and of which I am using as background colors for my BJP pages. This way my whole room will come together at the end.

I will show off some of my squares when I get closer to being done. I will not be doing a lot of handwork as again, this will be an often used item and receive hard wear and lots of washings.


Tally said...

I like quilts a lot but I don't use them like you do. Our German tradition is to sleep under a duvet filled with downs/feathers.
Did you use your quilt to sleep under or only as day decoration and of course for your and your cats nap?
Hello from Hamburg

Maggie R said...

That is one "Loved" quilt! By the looks of it you are getting ready for more creations,LOL
Tally's comments reminded me of when we were in Germany, and the pouffy Duvets were in every place we stayed... They were lovely but I myself have quilts that I have made on my bed. I do love quilts and love making them. After many years of making regular size quilts I now specialize in miniatures. I do still make and donate bedsize quilts for an auction every year along with 3 of my girlfriends. The proceeds from the auction go for breast cancer research.
Anyway good luck with your new project. I will be looking to see your progress

Robin said...

Your whole approach to your 8-year quilt and this new one is soooooooo refreshing!!!!

freebird said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. Tally, I answered you with an email since I had your address handy.

Maggie, miniatures are more fun as they not only get done more quickly but they don't strain the muscles moving them around trying to do machine quilting and they don't strain the budget so much either!

Robin, thanks so much for calling my approach refreshing. What I don't give away, I use, use, use because I like to see and touch what I put my effort into. With this bead project I get to see what so many others are doing and that is so much fun too.