Monday, December 28, 2009

Hi everyone. Hope you had lots of fun and will have some great
memories from Christmas. I had fun with my grandkids. I made a
page in my journal before heading out for the visit to show some crafts we could make. They looked at them and wanted to make the glittered stars. We had fun and it was a great way to show them the idea rather than just telling them about the crafts. I used Pitt pens and watercolor pencils to make the page. The second picture is a photo of what we all came up with.
The third photo was a way to procrastinate in my knitting. I thought I'd stop and draw the process before I finished the socks. I am not good at drawing from memory so needed them in front of me while I drew. This page was done on MiTientes paper with colored pencils.
My new year is starting off with lots of new classes. Hopefully I'll remember to share some of what I do in them here on my blog. I tend to get overwhelmed and forget to post things when I take on too much and I've gone and signed up for classes that overlap and
add up to about 9 of them at once for a little while! They just sound like so much fun I can't help but sign up and join in!


Carol said...

I used to have so much fun doing crafts with my oldest grandson when he was small. I love to hear about grand parents creating great memories with kids. Makes me miss my grandma, though.

Happy New Year.

beadbabe49 said...

What a great way to spend time with your grandchildren!
Maybe you can sort of combine the techniques you learn in your classes into the BJP and other work?

missy k said...

It's great that you craft with your grandchildren.

Have fun with your classes perhaps you need to make yourself a timetable!!!!

Still, what a great positive start to the New Year..... just please don't forget to blog about it!

So Happy New Year and thanks by the way for your lovely inchy I got from Fiona in the swap before Christmas, hope you will have time to carry on in the new year.... I am looking forward to seeing what Fiona has planned!


Krista Meister said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your grandchildren. How exciting you're taking all those classes. Keep us posted on how they are going for you and be sure to post your "homework".

Kelly Shults said...

What a fun grandma! I love your sketching... you draw very well. I also love the crafts you created.. as an Early Childhood teacher I love getting ideas to do with my kiddos. Thanks for the inspiration and commenting on my blog! :) Happy New Year!