Friday, May 14, 2010

Dove's Nest

The doves that built a nest in this tree last year are back. This year's nest looks rather flimsy to me. I sure hope the parents know what they are doing! The eggs arrived some time about a week ago. I don't know the exact date. It looks like two eggs again.


Janet Ghio said...

When we lived in Texas, there were lots of doves there and they always built the worst nests=it was amazing that any eggs ever survived!! Hope yours fare well!

Jo said...

Hey, your dove's nest looks positively industrial compared with my dove's feeble efforts (see photo -

We don't have eggs yet but I can't see how she's going to keep them from rolling off when she does finally give birth. We'll have to compare notes!

Carol said...

Lucky you! We have doves at our feeders, but I have never seen one of their nests around.

Crazy Robins nest here tho!