Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Friendship Journal

I took part in a travelling friendship journal for a yahoo group I am in Blissfully Art Journaling. These are the three spreads I made for it. One was to be about me and the other two something about friendship.

The picture I painted was with gouache. The paint lifts very easily when it gets wet so I was going to spray it with fixative. I tried the fixative first on a different gouache page and it worked fine except the spray wouldn't quit spraying until the can was empty. So for this tea time painting I was goint to use some UV acrylic finishing spray from Krylon that I had. Hmmm, three big blobs hit my page before I could stop them. This time I got no spray; the stuff just bubbled out of the can till it was empty. I don't know if my cans were too old, too cold (the house was between 66 and 68 degrees) or what but I even went and found my spray bottle of hairspray I've had for a few years but couldn't get it to do anything but shoot a heave stream rather than a fine mist. So, the page is going to go as is, with three horrid blobs on it. Thank goodness they didn't blur the paint under them.

Do any of you ever seal a gouache or watercolor page in your journal? I have only done it as a trial effort and on a painted cover to a journal. I figure they don't usually get wet but when the journal is going to someone I don't know, I just wanted to be safe.


Carol said...

Cool pages. I always love seeing your art. Now I have to google gauache.

We have trouble with spray cans when there is too much humidity. You probably don't have THAT problem.

beadbabe49 said...

The only thing I spray is pastels...the gouache and the watercolor should be fine when they dry. Plus, if you're trading pages, the chemical residue/smell might not be good for some of your trade partners.

freebird said...

Bobbi, that's a very good point on the chemicals! Those spray cans do have some strong stuff in them.

Becci said...

I'm blog cruzin' this evening and stumbled on yours...
I am a long but not lost Artists of the Round Table member too.

Hope you're having a great day! Becci