Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Penny Rug Sample Project

I have never done a Penny Rug and since I want to do my Bead Journal Project (BJP) with this technique I thought I would do a trial run sans the beads. I am hoping to post the progress on this blog with pictures. I will say so far it is a fun, easy, relaxing technique. Felt is easy to work with and this is definitely not too technical so if someone needs some downtime from a more difficult project this is one to try. Of course, when I get to adding beaded pieces that will change while the basics will remain easy.

This is my basic plan. Yes, this is as good as it gets. I have most of it in my head but if I just leave it there I tend to forget it so I have to jot something down. Besides, why get carried away with a plan that almost always changes as you work with it.

Now, I have chosen my colors of felt and thread, cut out my circles and layered them on the background. I have embroidered a red star on each of the smallest circles (red circles of felt would have been too small). Below is a close-up of this stage.

Currently I am stitching around the flower and then around it's circle. To do that the circles can be pinned in place so things don't get mixed up but I tried putting a small dab of "YES" glue in the center of the back of each circle and am weighing them down with a book on top of them till they are dry. Then I can start stitching them to the background.

I am not the best person for giving directions. In the past I have given recipes to my daughter and left out key techniques assuming she knew them. It caused some gravy to have more and more cornstarch added as it wouldn't thicken. No, it wouldn't because it has to come to a boil and I forgot to tell her that!! Hopefully I do better with the musings on this project so no one gets confused.

I finished all the circles, trimmed the green felt and placed it on a background of yellow both to hide the stitching on all the circles and to give a final edge. Below, the finished project. I enjoyed this sample. Wait till I use larger circles and do beading on each one for my BPJ pages.

And here is my rug in use!


LJ said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely charming and cheering. I love it.

Christina said...

I love this and I like how you are using it!

CC said...

Hey! You do everything I THINK about doing, but don't!!! LOL! I love this! Thanks for sharing!
Warmest aloha,