Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Penny Rugs (no permission)

Well, I found the information I needed to see if I could post a picture of a penny rug from a book I have but since I do not have a publisher of my own I do not qualify. So the only pictures I can post are of my own sample rug I am currently working on. It is in bright modern colors unlike traditional rugs but the technique is the same. I hope this helps anyone wondering what these rugs are.


Aurora said...

what is a penny rug? thanks for leaving a comment on my blog--you are off to a good start here with yours!

freebird said...

Hi Aurora,

I show a post farther down describing a penny rug which you might have seen but essentially it is an embroidered felt table topper consisting mainly of circles added to a background. I am almost done with my sample and will be adding it to my post on a sample rug. Thanks for letting me know you were here.