Sunday, May 20, 2007

Penny Rugs

I have been asked what Penny Rugs are and gave a quick explanation on the blog where I was at the time.

To quote Country Living's Handmade Country book, "In ninteenth-century New England and Quebec, penny rugs were as popular as hooked rugs, but they are less well known today. Some say large copper pennies were used as templates for the earliest penny rugs, hence their name. Made by combining circle-and tongue-shaped fabrics, the rugs are commonly displayed on tables or walls because they are not durable enough to stand much foot traffic. Penny rugs are usually decorated with a blanket stitch, and sometimes the coins and tongues are embroidered or appliqued as well."

If I can't get permission to show a picture from their book I will make a small rug and post a picture of my own. I really love the folk-style crafts although I usually update them for our modern times.

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