Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Crafting Space

I like color and more color. I painted my craft room to reflect
some of this. Then I covered everything with projects, ideas and bits of projects. I am still trying to find space to leave my sewing machine set up. Except for wanting more room, and who doesn't wish for that, I feel very happy working away in here.


Brenda said...

What a well stocked craft room.
I am so jealous!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Great room!! I have roughly the same amount of stuff but it's crammed into a very small room LOL I need to de-clutter badly ;9

CC said...

Wow!!! I want you to come organize my space!!! I'm with Kiwi room is too small!
I love your critters. That little black dog looks shy, but the kitty couldn't care less! ;D Thanks for sharing!
With aloha,
P.S. Where did you find all those organizers????

a2susan said...

My dream is to have a room for a studio. There are no extra rooms in my house, so I am spread out all over the place, beads in 3 different places, and I bead in the living room or at the kitchen table. I am so jealous!

As far as beading goes, it will happen when you're ready....

Lillian said...

Hi Timaree,

Thanks for sharing your room with us :o) Wish you could come organize my space :o) Lillian

freebird said...

My room is my bedroom (my husband has his own room since I couldn't take his snoring and he couldn't take my kicking him anymore)so I can use the space how I want; if I could do without the bed I probably would!

My storage bins are sold in the hardware section of stores. They are the ones guys buy for their garages. The only trouble is our Walmart and Kmart no longer have them and I need a few more.

As far as being organized that happens only when I set up my space and then it goes downhill. I know where to find most of my stuff so it works fine though my husband thinks I am totally unorganized.

Sunni said...

Oh I love your room. I love how you have so much color. I am afraid I would never fall asleep in there I would always be wanting to play.

The Family Jewels said...

What a great bedroom! I brought my crocheting into the bedroom and Hubby isn't real pleased...oh, well.

Maggie R said...

Wow!! Great space you have, It looks so organized,,, I have a huge space for my studio and one room alone that houses all my fabrics. .. but I can't seem to get a nice organization of my stuff... me thinks I have toooooo much!
Thanks for sharing yours.