Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spirit Doll

Hi everyone! I have been busy with everything but my BJP page.
I am out in California right now visiting with my children and
grandchildren. I went to a memorial service for my brother-in-law and am making this doll for my sister.

I chose some fabric I liked and a pattern from Kivett Studio's site. I liked the idea of a butterfly being the emergence of new life. I painted the face directly on the doll with orange and pearlescent white acrylic craft paints mixed together. I drew the face with a marker pen and dabbed varnish over it to make it

Then I started beading. First I went around the face. I used a magenta metallic bead at first but the finish rubbed off right away (disgusting how it did that) so I changed those beads out with a bright pink. Then I went Robin's route and just started adding beads. I sewed on the sequins but later removed them since beading around them didn't work too well and I thought they would look better on top of the beading instead of surrounded by it. I am getting close to being done with the doll and will add a beaded hanging cord of some sort to the head and fringe to the bottom of the doll.

I outlined the wings with a colorful silverlined bright mix of beads. I tend to want to fill in the wings with the mix but everyone who has seen the doll so far says they like it with the edge finished but the fabric showing. Should I go with what I feel or am I adding too much beading? What do other beaders think? Most of the people who have seen it tend to like less beads than more so I am not sure. Any suggestions here are quite welcome.

My cat has enjoyed the process as you can see. She loves sitting in small containers and playing with my beads. She doesn't know a diet of beads isn't good for her!


tala1947 said...

Hi, I agree with the majority. The fabric is so lovely. It gives a softness and a contrast to the wings that I really like. But..... if it doesn't make you happy to leave it, then go for the coverup.

freebird said...

Thanks for your comment. I guess I will leave the wings till everything is done. Then I might know for sure but I am leaning in your direction. Getting other's opinions is one of the benefits of being in a group, I love it.

JoTee said...

I think what ever makes you feel right with your "Spirit Doll", the fabric is very lucious & colorful, with the beading it is like the icing on the cake.

sammy said...

I got to say,.. you can't have enough beads on everything! bead encrustment is the only way I can bead anymore... LOL... But I do have to say you have picked such awesome fabric to work with!

Lynn said...

What an incrediable amount of work you put into this little doll. I do hope it gave your sister comfort.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in seeing the finished doll.