Saturday, August 4, 2007

Birthday Card

My son's birthday was August 2. I always make him a birthday card. I like to make something special. He loves his fruits (in fact, that's his main diet) and had told me recently how he climbed to the top of the plum tree in the yard of the house he lives in to pick the last of the years plums.

I recounted to him the story of when he was just over a year old he ate a large bowlful of plums. I had set the bowl of plums I had just picked from my father's tree near my son who was munching on a teething biscuit while sitting in his highchair. I went away for a few minutes and when I returned the bowl was empty. I didn't even find many of the pits! Well,
everything turned out okay and he's never lost his love for fruit.

So, I decided to make him a picture of plums. I bought three plums in varying shades of purple and took pictures of them in different containers and configurations. Then I sat down and drew them with NuPastels. I think the picture came out pretty well! The only trouble was that I
remembered he now takes pictures of the cards I make and then throws them away; heaven forbid he should keep dust catchers around! So, skip the picture, I'd do something else.

I decided to make an enlargement of one of the pictures I took,
the plums stuck in an old mayonaise jar. I printed it out, folded

it in half and cut out the jar shape. That made the card! I took

the grocery store fruit and veggie advertisement page to make
the envelope. This way, he had a handmade card he'd enjoy and I didn't mind him destroying. I'll frame the picture I drew for him; he doesn't count "art" (on the wall, I take it) as dust collectors.
He liked the card when he saw it and is happy I will give him the framed picture of the plums.


Brenda said...

I think your son is ingenious for taking pictures of cards. I don't want to throw them away but I can't keep them out so they are in a drawer where I never see them.

The plum art is lovely. How lucky is your son to have you as a mom.

The Family Jewels said...

That is really pretty. What a great story teller you are. I'm glad he liked his artwork.

Mary Timme said...

I can't see a ten year old appreciating any art but his own, much. Ah, but a 20 year old moving into his own place! Yep!

freebird said...

Thanks Brenda. I keep telling him how lucky he is too! ;)

Tonia, I don't think I've ever told as many stories as I have since I started blogging.

Mary Timme, you are right. And by the time they are 34 they really know their own minds!

Sacredartist said...

I think that you son is extremely practical and honest.
Your picture of plums is very beautiful. What a great way to preserve his memories of being in your home.

Wanda H said...

Very cool how you made the card!!!! Your picture is beautiful!!... great idea to frame it instead. Thanks for your comment on my blog!!!!