Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pink Artist Doll Is Done

The Pink Artist doll is done. Her name is Love Squared. I have a few pictures but there are many more on Girl Gone Thread Wild's blog . Be sure you go check her out. So many people contributed squares.

It's amazing how many want to help others. Some do it by joining in on walks or runs for cancer cures. Some help by making money to contribute through bake sales. There are just so many ways but this call for two inch artist squares was right up my alley. Obviously is was a call many answered.

But the one who started the whole thing off and actually made the doll is Monica Magness of the above mentioned blog. She did such a super job. Her ears must be hurting from all the applause she is getting. I don't think anyone could guess how the doll would come out but she is so perfect. Monica used needle felting for the hair and face. Oh, I can't beging to describe how she did it. Just go over to her blog where she tells all.

The crown for the doll was made be another artist Grace Beading who is also a member of the Bead Journal Project. She did a wonderful job as did the artist who made the box and well, like I said, just go on over and see it all.

The first picture shows one of the squares I made for the doll. It's the second from the right on the top row. Monica (actually her husband Jeff) took lots of pictures so everyone could find their square on the doll. The other pictures show front and back but they don't show her base which is beautiful too. Go and see.



That's a beautiful doll,so much character and confidence.It must feel wonderful to be part of such a worthy cause.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

YOU made this happen! :) 182 artists coming together to make ONE doll. Magnificent! I'm so proud of you, us...we are one step closer to reachingour goal. Our doll will fly to her vacation in California today, but when she returns the REAL magic will happen. :)

You asked about the progression... I trusted God the entire way that she would come out as she was meant to. Amazing how each piece then fell into place...think 15 rows by 12 rows of squares... exactly what she needed to fill her skirt.

WOW. Thanks for playing a huge part in the making of her, she'd look kinda funny with just my square alone. lol your friend, Monica :)

Kimmie said...

She is beautiful beyond words! What a FUN and SPECIAL project - collaboration!!