Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hey everyone! I know a lot of you live in snowy areas but look what we got here in sunny, northern Arizona! This is the first time in seven years that it snowed all day. We've only had a few other snow days and they ended and melted off by about 10a.m. but not today. It snowed all day and now that it's night time it's turned to rain. Our big dog Sarah had fun running in it during part of the day but doesn't want to go outside now that it's dark and rainy. Look at that palm tree - and I thought I'd even throw in a pic of me out in the snow. We were only in the mid 30's so it was cold but not freezing! Lol, I even got a pun in there.

Well we thoroughly enjoyed watching all that white come down. It is such a rare occasion for us I wanted to share it with all of you.


Doreen G said...

What is going on over there the snow Gods are having a lot of fun aren't they.

Carol said...

O lucky you!! Suzanne Cooper posted that she got snow in New Mexico also. Well, I will send you all you want from Northern Indiana. 8-12 inches and ice in the forecast for tonight.

Merry Christmas!

Mary Timme said...

How great for you guys to get a little snow too. We are supposed to have mostly cold and some possible snow I guess. We'll wait and see. Beautiful photos, I think your dog was laughing and babbling with excitement!

Liz Steel said...

how exciting to have snow!!! hope you have a great Xmas and look forward to continuing our creative e-friendship in the new year!