Monday, December 8, 2008


Well Thanksgiving has come and gone but I wanted to share with you a bit of mine. My granddaughters love to do some arts and crafts with me when they visit. Usually I'm too busy to join them but I almost always have something planned that they can do especially with their mom to help.

The girls drew and made some turkeys for decorations. I don't do well with decorating so I am always glad when they come up with some pictures or other decorations. The youngest (age 7) drew here family as turkeys and we taped it to the sliding doors in the dining room. I love her unique take on the turkey feathers. The next in line made this paper plate turkey and used a sprig off the Chinese elm for it's feathery tail.

My daughter found a square tablecloth at a Bed and Bath shop by her house that would actually fit my square table. I'd suggested that coloring some leaves in fabric crayons would make a great tablecloth so she also dug up her fabric crayons and brought them with her. The 3 girls drew most of the leaves (with cookie cutters my daughter also brought) but my grandson actually joined in and did one along with almost everyone else. I think only my husband and my daughter's didn't. We've even got Happy Thanksgiving on it
after first ironing one message backwards. You see, with these crayons you first color on paper and then turn them over to iron onto the tablecloth so printing is backwards unless you take that into account. My daughter spent a whole afternoon ironing the leaves on as we got them colored. Didn't it turn out great?

We had a great Thanksgiving even though it rained for more than one day. We go for months with no rain, my family shows up to visit and bam, rain! The older kids had fun playing out in it though and they haven't had a lot of rain in southern California where they live either. My daughter surprised me with a couple of pumpkin pies so I didn't have to bake them, just one apple pie but I waited till Friday to do that. We had the usual turkey and stuffing routine but I also made a mushroom pot pie for the two vegans (my son and his girlfriend) along with leaving the butter out
of the corn so they could feast too.
Then during the weekend my son and the older grandkids helped my husband move the goat shed, their rock pile for climbing on (very heavy - our son moved them with our daughters help) and put up some fencing for them. We moved the goats because their hay attracts the rabbits and the cars were by the goats and the rabbits then climbed into the car engine to eat the copper wires. Big job but it needed doing.
My daughter decided it was time for me to get started on painting my kitchen. I had the paint;
it was a matter of getting to it. She got up into the corner where I would have found it difficult to get into so she really helped a lot. Doesn't the yellow look so much better than that icky mobile home wallpaper stuff? Oh, yeah, that gray haired woman is me. Boy the time has flown. We were reminiscing about painting her bedroom when we moved to Minnesota during her senior year of high school. I was only four years older at that time than she is now!
Anyhow, that's how my Thanksgiving weekend went. I enjoyed it a lot. Hope yours was as good.


Bonny said...

I love all the Thanksgiving Day crafts! Those turkeys re delightful!
But that tablecloth is fabulous!!! What a great idea! It's a good way to keep children busy while they stay out of the way of the chef!! ;)
Sounds like you had a super fun Thanksgiving, too.

Carol said...

Great Post! Our family has always involved the kids with holiday preparation too. I love it. My youngest grandson is 11 now. Every year he brings some of his nutcracker collection to my house to decorate for Christmas. He took charge of decorating the tree this year and helping Papa with the outdoor lighting. My oldest is 13 and this is the first year that he didn't organize my Christmas Village setup. Sad, but we have great memories.

Lisa Reed said...

What a delightful glimpse into your life, Timaree! Thanks for sharing. Lisa

Cyndi L said...

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home :-)

Magpie Sue said...

What a great Thanksgiving you had! And yes, that yellow is a big improvement over mobile home "wallpaper." (We used to live in a mobile so I know what a big change that is!)