Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I haven't done anything with my BJP pages since seeing tiny beads has been too difficult but I have been helping my grandkids work on a project I bought for them from Herrschner's (and I do not recommend their products anymore as I would have 30 years ago - they've gone too cheap) a year or so ago. Even with large pony beads the project was bigger for them than I expected so during visits with them I have pulled it out and we've worked together on it. With Easter coming up, I am really trying to get them to finish them this year so they can hang on the wall.

Out of three granddaughters one may actually develop a love for beading over time. I don't think the other two will but who knows so I'll keep introducing beads in some form over their growing up years and see where we end up.


Carol said...

You never know what those kids will want to do when they are older. I never thought my daughter would want to sew. Well, she doesn't really, but she has sold several things on Ebay that she "altered" to Goth and it sold like hot cakes. Don't understand how she knows what goes with "Goth" but she does!!

Keep bringing the beads out. You never know!

Mary Timme said...


My DH had his surgery this morning and is having a bit of a nap right now. Everything went really well and he was so surprised at the amount of light he has coming into his eyes. I think it is a success! Know you will be seeing more soon. Thinking of you as you heal.

Doreen G said...

It's great to encourage children in any craft because sometime in the distant future they will remember that you showed them it.