Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting Busy

I'm getting back to trying to do a little of

I am still working on my BJP page. Nothing like being so far behind and then deciding to add size 18 beads to the piece! I love those teensy tiny little things though and love it when I can add them to something.

I tried to do the inchies for the week. The theme this week at Inchy by Inch was to use triple embossing as the technique for the squares. First, I didn't know what triple embossing was so I googled it and found the explanation here . I ran into a small problem when I tried to make my inchies though as my heat gun quit on me while I was just partway through the process. Living outside of town, I won't be replacing it in the immediate future so this week's inchies just went out the window. Sorry everyone. To see some pretty ones go to the link above.

I am also working on my kitchen still. I started by painting it yellow as you can see here in this post. I have since finished the painting. I've bought new rugs I'll put down when everything is done. I am now painting my utensil rack for the wall. I painted it for my dad over 15 years ago and so am now making it match my canisters. I've got it sanded and base-coated with white. The canisters have a transparent glaze on them so I will do the same with my rack. I want it to really match so I am doing my best to use the same techniques even if my piece is wood rather than ceramic. I'll be sure to post the finished picture with the canisters so you can all see how I do.

Besides working on a pair of socks, that's about
where I stand at present. I wonder if I'm forgetting to do something....


happyjacqui said...

I don't think I have ever come across size 18 beads but they work really well. I love the balance of this piece

Mary Timme said...

Size 18 beads? How cool is that! YOu are really working on a lot of things right now.

Carol said...

You called this post "GETTING BUSY?" Should have called it "Always Busy" You sure pack a lot of stuff in your day.

Sorry your heat gun broke. I remember doing something similar to this several years ago. However, you embossed on that rubbermaid non slip shelf liner. It was pretty cool also.

Like your page.

beadbabe49 said...

woohoo...size 18 beads are amazing and really can make a piece!

CC said...

ACK! Size 18 beads? Smaller than 15s!!! Ack!!! I like what you're doing tho'! And I agree with are ALWAYS busy doing something! I wish I had your energy! :)
Warmest aloha,