Friday, August 26, 2011

Mojave Green and Some More Self-Portraits

Oh, we had some excitement around our house this morning. Not good excitement either. I looked out about 15 minutes after I'd let two of our remaining dogs outside and this is what I saw. At first I couldn't believe I was seeing what I was so I called my husband over and he confirmed it. Another snake! This is a Mojave Green rattler which has two kinds of toxins, one for the muscles and one for the nervous system so the vaccines and antivenoms don't work well if a dog gets bit. Very, very dangerous. This one had 7 rattle buds so it was quite mature. At least we got this one before it got another of our dogs!

The other pictures are part of my ongoing self-portrait series with Violette
. I am not happy with my monkey face at all. My face needed to be out as far as the hair edges and then hair added beyond that. It would have made a lot of difference. Also, I think I have to watch the angle at which I hold a handheld mirror as it changed perspective on me and not for the better! Ah well, it's a learning process.

The second, blue and orange picture was done in ball point pen with watercolor added. I was trying to stay cool yesterday which I can as long as I stay indoors with the air-conditioning but it was 108 degrees outside. The official temp is never as high as we seem to get but we have three thermometers outside that all say the same thing. They are two different brands and in three areas of the yard so can they all be wrong? I think not. These were portraits nos. 7 and 8. I am quite a bit behind but that's okay with me. It's the journey, not the speed that counts here.

Hope you have happy events in your day!


Carol said...

I love your self portraits and your comments about what you have learned while sketching them.

BUT, I hate the snakes that dwell around your house. With so many acres to slither around, you'd think they would find somewhere else to be!
xx, Carol

PS sorry for your heat. This weather has been really strange all over the globe.

Anonymous said...

SNAKES! Arrgh! We are just heading into Summer and the worst time of year for snakes for us - our yard backs onto a creek and we have black and brown snakes come into our yard (both very poisonous.)

YAY for keeping on going with portraits - I still suck pretty much at them, but I am going to take a leaf out of your book and practice more...