Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Portrait Number 4 and a Journal Page

Portrait number four was done without looking at a reference. I just felt bad and drew that. I think it comes across! Hope you all felt better today than I did.

The birdbath is my sister's. She's moving to Japan to live with her son since she just can't make it in California on Social Security and a part-time job. She's only taking small items with her and although she loved this birdbath, it's too heavy to ship so I drew it. I wish I'd left the writing off so I could make a print for her. When I get refreshed on PSElements I might erase the lettering and print it out.


Carol said...

This is a sad post. I have been getting headaches caused by sinus issues. Its the humidity causing mold spores. I can sure tell when the meds wear off.

Your sister's situation is so common now. I have lost track of how long my daughter has been here. About 2 years, I think. It becomes a vicious circle trying to move back out. Two teens and no child support makes it almost impossible to be on your own even with a fairly well paying job.

Good thing you have the internet to stay in touch with her.

Pat said...

You've captured such feeling in your portrait. *hugs*

Sorry to hear of your sister's predicament - I hope she enjoys her life in Japan.