Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sambo and another Portrait

Still keeping busy with artstuff. I had put the background to Sambo in ahead of time. It's acrylic so watercolor wouldn't work well and I didn't feel like using gouache or collage so I used the Tombow pen to draw my little black poodle-chihuahua mix. I like how he turned out. I guess I could have drawn him larger but it's okay this way. At least I got him down before he moved! Getting faster with my sketching and that's a good thing when you try to get an animal down without using a photo.

The other is portrait number 9. I'm really slow at doing these. The challenge was to do one every day during the month of August but I've changed it to doing 30 no matter how long it takes! I'm pretty happy with this one although once again, it doesn't look like me or the other portraits! My eyes are too big but at least I got the head shape better. And the nose is better too! Wish it looked like me though!

Everyone ready for fall to come? I've had enough of this summer between snakes and the heat. I think everyone has had lots of heat this year and many of you got Irened too. I hope all of you did okay through her rage up the East Coast.


Carol said...

Love the sketch of your pup. Junior comes in all the time with stickers stuck to him.

Your portraits are really coming along. Looks like you except the eyes, I think, from seeing your pictures.

Are the animal sketches easier?

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful to meet you through the blog hop on Jane's new class! Your dog is wonderful as is your self portrait. I imagine that repetition and practice will give you the results that you want.

Nelly said...

You are doing great work in your classes. So sorry about your dog. We just had to put our 13 year old St. Bernard down last week. She was a rescue too.

Excited to learn with you!

Hybrid J said...

Wonderful journal page ... glad to have you at "Supplies Me" ... Cheers