Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Self Portraits

is having a challenge over on her blog for 30 days of self-portraits. She's asking us to let everyone know in case they'd like to practice drawing, drawing faces or whatever. So now you know why I did the picture here. I haven't done many faces so I figure 30 of them will help my drawing them. We'll see won't we? Want to join me? They don't have to be lengthy sessions or realistically done. Want to scratch one out with a pencil in 5 minutes or paint one or do a cartoon? It's all okay. So come on! Join in with me.


Lotus said...

Great job! I've been thinking about doing this... you may have just given me the push... ; )

Carol said...

This will be fun to watch. I enjoy your artwork and I'll be interested to see the methods you choose for your self portraits.