Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Pets

I want to share my pets with viewers of my blog. Sambo, my poochihua is on the left with his chewbone in his mouth. Skoshi, my shitzu, is on the right keeping an eye on Sarah's bone. Sarah, my german shorthair pointer is in the back wishing for Sambo's bone. They are always wanting what the other has - hmmm, sounds a lot like the trouble we humans have, yes?

These are close-ups of each one. Once in a while I get a good one of Sambo. Being all black with dark eyes makes it difficult to get a good picture.


mavabene said...

Hey, that is a good one of Sambo!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa.

Jodie said...

Adorable! I have 2 Shiz Tzu's--one black & white, brown & white.

The Beaded Life said...

What sweet sweet pets. I too love animals and we have 3 dogs and a cat. I live in the city (san diego) or otherwise I would have many more. We are on the same BJB group for 2010. Just wanted to say hi!
lisa owens-hoy