Saturday, June 9, 2007

Recipe Card

No decent artist or crafter has only one project going at any one time; I am no different.

I got my first magazine from a new subscription to "cloth-paper-scissors" and found a recipe card swap with entries due no later than June 15th. I thought it would be fun so quickly made up a card (quickly being 3 days) hoping to get it in on time. It was a fun project but sewing vinyl is not easy which they mentioned in the article about recipe cards.

I wanted to get a postcard back to see that the magazine got my entry so I took a picture and printed one out as a 4x6" picture--voila! instant postcard! Today I get it all to the post office and hope I didn't make my recipe card too heavy (there is a weight limit and I don't have a scale at home I can trust for 1 ounce or so). If it's over weight I guess I get to keep my own card instead of getting someone else's. The point was to have fun and I did.


arlee said...

I love the text---too funny!!!!

freebird said...

Thanks Arlee. That was my intention. I can not be serious all the time; for me art is my playful side.